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Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Offseason: The Darkest or Best Timeline?

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A Quick and Dirty Post. According to Shi Davidi, Ian Kinsler and Brett Anderson would have been Blue Jays if deals hadn't gone south.

Could have been 2B of the Toronto Blue Jays?
Could have been 2B of the Toronto Blue Jays?

Here is the link.

Deals that could've been alter Blue Jays' plans -

Money Quote:

Kinsler, traded from the Texas Rangers to Detroit Tigers for Prince Fielder in November, would have been a significant coup, given the upgrade he would have represented at second base and the dynamic tandem he would have formed with Jose Reyes up the middle.

But a potential deal was scuttled by the three-time all-star’s no-trade clause, leaving the Rangers to look elsewhere, and the Blue Jays to anoint rookie Ryan Goins as the front-runner at second base.

Anderson, dealt in December by the Oakland Athletics to Colorado Rockies for pitcher Drew Pomeranz and prospect Chris Jensen, nearly ended up with the Blue Jays in exchange for Sergio Santos. But those talks fell apart due to concern over Anderson’s injury risk.

Oh well. AA's trying but I wouldn't have done a deal for Anderson for the same reason as he did (although Brett would have been at home with the Jays thanks to all of his injuries.) Ian Kinsler would have been nice, but it was obvious he didn't want to be here and I'm not going to get all teary eyed on might have beens for that reason.