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Top Bluebird Banter Posters of 2013

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Who posted the most comments on Bluebird Banter in 2013?

I'm back in the land of the ice and snow. Yesterday was a long day, the resort sent us to the airport long long before our flight, and, as you might imagine, there isn't all that much to do at the Punta Cana airport. Since it is a long flight from there to Calgary, we had time for two movies. The first was that stupid Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy, cop movie (I guess it tells you how much I enjoyed it, I couldn't tell you the title), which wasn't improved by replacing every single swear and almost swear word with something that didn't make sense. I thought it was the worse movie I'd ever seen.

The second movie was Trouble with the Curve and had they shown that first, I'd have thought the other movie deserved an Oscar. If you wanted to teach a course in how to make a bad movie, you this would be the perfect example. The bad 'computer geek' guy had to say something evil in each and every scene he was in. His last scene, someone suggests Amy Adams should have a job with the team, he says 'but she's a girl'. It wasn't enough he was wrong and generally a lousy person, he had to be sexist too. Isn't it enough that he never watches baseball?

Never once did a scout use a stopwatch or a radar gun, but Clint Eastwood and Adams could tell a good pitch by the 'sound' it made.

And then they all get down on their #1 draft pick because he doesn't hit half a dozen pitches from someone he's never seen before (those swings did sort of remind me of JP swinging at pitches off the plate). Oh well, I gotta stop....there was so much wrong with that movie I could complain all day.

We land in Calgary at 2:00 AM, which would be 5:00 in the morning, Dominican time. Then it takes almost 2 hours for our bags to come, since there are few luggage guys working at that time in the morning, being that we are about the last flight of the day and it's about cold as it can get. It was about 4:30 when we got home. But it was a great holiday, though likely taxed my liver to the breaking point. The workers at our resort were very friendly. I gave one a Blue Jays cap, since he was so nice to us and was a fan.

Anyway, the reason for the post....SB sent out stats on our top 10 commenters, FanPost writers and FanShots.

Most Comments
e&n4e 13758
MjwW 12276
Tom Dakers 9878
shortofbrillant 9805
ABsteve 7527
Belisarius 6222
Alan F. 5294
Minor Leaguer 4936
Bowling_Guy25 4894
GatorJay 4696

Great job all, but it is nice to see an Expos fan at the top of the list. A couple of words for Mr. Minor Leaguer, you don't want to come just 64 short of 5000, Things like that will cost you in the eyes of the Hall of Fame voters.

If you want to get on this list for next year...well, you can see want you need to do. Most of the ones on the list are GameThread regulars, that really bumps up your comment count.

Most FanPosts
King Kelly 13
MjwW 12
e&n4e 8
Kraemer_17 8
MapleMan 7
Raffa 7
chasfh 6
Marcos Montenegro 5
JaysSaskatchewan 4
Frag 4

Good job King Kelly and MjwW.

I love the fanposts. We can always use more. I'm going to try to be better at moving them onto the front page, but maybe we'll do a month contest to see who does the most fanposts each month, to try to encourage you all to share your opinions more often.

Most FanShots
Tom Dakers 26
yleviticus 7
Mr. Reynolds 5
radivel 4
hansdampf 3
Raffa 3
Goldenhawk99 2
Frag 2
crawford_todd 2
JaysSaskatchewan 2

The FanShots are a problem, buried in the bottom corner of the front page. I think we'll try to more then to the front page so they can be noticed more.