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Ken Rosenthal: Jays are 'leading candidates' to sign Santana or Jimenez

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend (I'm pretty sure he doesn't know who we are, but let's pretend we are tight), Ken Rosenthal, gives us some late night reasons to hope the Jays' off-season won't continue to be so boring.

The Blue Jays, quiet for much of the off-season, still figure to acquire one and possibly two starting pitchers once the logjam caused by Tanaka starts to resolve.

The Jays are a leading candidate to sign either Santana or Jimenez; they have two protected first-round picks, Nos. 9 and 11, and would sacrifice only a second-rounder and the accompanying pool money for one of those free-agent right-handers.

I'd really like us to sign one of those guys, I think we can find a 5th starter out of the pile of guys we have in house, though picking up both would be interesting. I really want a real MLB second baseman as well.

I'm not sure Santana would be the best choice, it is tougher to pitch in the AL East than anywhere else, but he'd be more fun to watch than Thad Weber.

He also figures we could make an in-season trade if we need:

The Phillies' Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels both could be available before July 31, and the same goes for the Reds' Homer Bailey, Indians' Justin Masterson, Pirates' Francisco Liriano and Royals' James Shields if their respective clubs somehow fall out of contention.

He also suggested that Samardzija's price might come down during the season.

It's not all that much of a rumor, but it has been so quiet, I'll take anything. Thanks Ken.