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Happy Birthday J.P. Arencibia

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Tagging out Carl Crawford
Tagging out Carl Crawford

Former Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia turns 28 today.

You know, we've talked about his shortcomings enough around here, so as a birthday present, today I won't. Promise. Not one single derogatory comment.

JP is still in his prime, there is still a ton of talent there, maybe the Rangers will be able to bring it out. If you are a baseball player and you only pick one really outstanding skill, power would be the one to pick.

JP had 64 home runs for the Jays, putting him at 30th on the franchise leader board. 3 more than Darren Fletcher, second to Ernie Whitt among Blue Jays catchers. His 193 RBI has him at 45th in team history. I won't mention where he is in strikeouts. He did throw out 73 base stealers, 26% of those that tried to steal against him.

Happy birthday JP, I hope things go well for you with the Rangers. You are still in your prime, not too late to become the All-Star catcher we thought we were getting when you hit those 2 home runs in your first MLB game.