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UPDATED: Jays Days Beer Club Roy Halladay Appreciation Day

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Jays Days Beer Club and Bluebird Banter will be hosting a Roy Halladay Appreciation Day event at Tallboys Craft Beer House (838 Bloor Street West, Toronto) this Saturday, January 11 starting at 1 pm. We will be screening a Roy Halladay game and there'll be good food, good beer, and good company.

Come in from the cold, we hope to see you there! And afterwards you can head down to the Renaissance Hotel and attend the Baseball Canada annual fundraising banquet.

Also: if you happen to have a tape of Roy Halladay's 1998 near-no hitter, let us know in the comments, please.


Specials include $5 pints of Steam Whistle Pilsner, $11 "Curveburgers" that weigh an appropriate 8 2/3 ounces.