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Happy Birthday Edwin Encarnacion

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. Edwin Encarnacion turned 31 today.

When we traded Scott Rolen to the Reds for Josh Roenicke, Zach Stewart and Edwin, no one would have guess that the only one that would be on the team 4 years later would be Edwin. Course, Edwin did spend 3 weeks as a Oakland A, in the winter of 2010.

Edwin wasn't exactly loved for his first couple of years as a Jay. Fans tend to be impatient. We weren't all fans of Jose Bautista's right away either. You would think we'd learn a little patience by now, especially with players with tons of power. Being fair to those that didn't like him, his defense was pretty awful at third base. And, of course, some folks will tell you we have too many players from the Dominican. Latin players don't tend to get a lot of slack when they don't play great.

He has had his moments, including burning himself with fireworks on New Years. But, lately there have been more fun moments:



Edwin is moving up the franchise leader boards. He's 4th in slugging average, at .506 and number 11 in home runs at 124, his 2nd home run of 2014 will put him in team's top 10 all time. And we know he doesn't strikeout much.o Edwin, Happy Birthday, pour yourself a Mamajuana and have a great day.

It is also Kevin Mench birthday, he turns 36 today. Kevin was half of the two headed Mencherson monster that delighted Jays fans in 2008.

And Frank Menechino turns 43 today. Frank was a utility infielder for the Jays in 2004 and 2005. In 142 games, Frank hit .268/.381/.443. Wouldn't we kill for a second basement that could put up a slash line like that now.

So Happy Birthday Kevin and Frank. Hope it is a good one.