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The Great 2014 Bluebird Banter Haiku Contest

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It is time for our (more or less) annual Bluebird Banter Haiku Contest. The rules are: come up to with a haiku about the 2014 Blue Jays season. We want 3 lines, 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Remember to keep it inside the language rules of the site.

Something like:

Jose Bautista's Great

But Jays Talk callers cry out

He's not a leader


Natural grass, the

thing we need the most, won't come

till Twenty Eighteen


Buck and Pat sign for

5 years. I wonder if my

fandom can survive.

Our lovely, wonderful lawyers would want me to tell you there is no prize for the winner, but the admiration of your fellow banterers should be enough for any one.

Give it your best shot, vote for your favorites by hitting the 'rec' button. We'll take the top vote getters run a poll next week to pick a winner.