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Jose Bautista has no time for Steve Simmons

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

After the fantastic American League Wild Card game between the Athletics and the Royals, Steve Simmons sent out this tweet, referencing Jose Bautista's complaints that the Blue Jays didn't do enough at the trade deadline to bolster the club:

That was typical Simmons, trying to get attention by eliciting angry responses from the people who still follow him for some reason. He has criticized Bautista's leadership (and showed off his complete understanding of correlation and causation) before, so this really isn't anything surprising. I am happy that he doesn't tweet more about baseball, because he does write some horribly dumb (and douchey) crap on the hockey side.

Generally, I think it's best to not engage Simmons on Twitter and give him what he wants, but god I loved how Jose Bautista replied to that tweet (which mentions Bautista's Twitter account):

Best tweet ever. I actually laughed out loud for a good 30 seconds after seeing that. Bautista the best. Please don't ever leave.

Oh, just in case the above tweets are ever deleted, here is a screenshot to preserve them forever:


I almost want to make a t-shirt out of that tweet.

Morning Update

Whatever makes you feel better, Steve.

Afternoon Update