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Bullpen coach Bob Stanley let go by the Jays

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Shi Davidi tells us that bullpen coach Bob Stanley won't be returning to the Blue Jays next year, but the rest of the staff will, unless DeMarlo Hale gets the Twins manager job, for which he interviewed.

Alex Anthopoulos was very clear that he blamed the bullpen for the Jays not making the playoffs this year in an interview on the Jeff Blair show, last week, so I guess that Stanley is taking the fall for that not that it is really fair, but then that's life in the big leagues. It isn't like the pitching coach only works with the starting pitchers and the bullpen coach only works with the relievers.

Shi tells us that pitching co-ordinator Dane Johnson, roving instructor Rick Langford and Bisons' pitching coach Randy St. Claire are the top candidates to take the job. I'm hope they would leave Johnson in the role he has, I'd think bullpen coach would be a demotion from his role.

I did kind of expect Luis Rivera might not be asked back, but maybe the Jays see stuff that I don't. It does seem we lose a lot of runners at the plate, often unnecessarily.