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Melky Cabrera finishes 5th in AL Comeback Player of the Year voting

Brian Kersey

I thought Melky Cabrera had a shot at the Sporting News AL Comeback Player of the Year award. He came back from a terrible 2013 season, where he hit .279/.322/.360 in 88 games, and played the outfield like he was Tim Conway doing one of his old man bits.

This year he hit .301/.351/.458  in 139 games and played the outfield almost like he was an athlete. His bWAR jumped from -0.3 in 2013 to 3.1 this year.

But the winner was Chris Young from the Mariners. Young went 12-9 with a 3.65 ERA in 30 games, 29 starts, after missing all of 2013 with a shoulder problem. His bWAR went from 0 to 1.9.

Melky was 5th in the voting, picking up 6 votes. Also finishing ahead of him were J.D. Martinez of the Tigers (22 votes), Scott Kazmir of the A's (14 votes), Derek Jeter (11 votes) (lets face it, there are people that will vote for Jeter for any award, I heard he came in 7th in the Miss America contest). Young had 49 votes. The voting was done by AL Players.