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World Series Prediction Contest


In our Championship Series prediction thread there were only 2 that got the winning teams right:




On the tie-breaks erik.t was off by 2 games in the Royals series and 2 games in the Giants series.

JaysfanDL was off by 3 games in the Royals series and 1 game in the Giants series.

So we go to runs scored. In the NLCS 40 runs were scored. In the ALCS 30 runs were scored.

erik.t was off by 1 run in the ALCS and 6 runs in the NLCS.

JaysfanDL was right on for runs scored in the ALCS and 8 runs in the NLCS.

So erik.t gets the win.

For the World Series, give us the winner, the number of games played, the the series MVP and total runs scored.

I'm picking the Giants in 5, MVP Bumgarner and 45 runs scored.

For those of you that are interested in OOTP15, during the World Series, it is on sale for half price.

If you are wanting to make a wager on the series, here are the odds from

world series odds

And some odd that fall under the more fun category:World Series Props

Will a Pitcher win the 2014 World Series MVP?
Yes +175 (7/4)
No -250 (2/5)

Total Games in Series
4 6/1
5 5/2
6 17/10
7 9/5

How many games will go to extra innings?
Over ½ -150 (2/3)
Under ½ +110 (11/10)

Will any game end on a Walkoff hit?
Yes 7/5
No 4/7

Will any game end on a Walkoff home run?
Yes 13/2
No 1/12

Total Home Runs - San Francisco Giants
Over/Under 4½

Total Home Runs - Kansas City Royals
Over/Under 3½

How many steals will the Kansas City Royals Record?
Over/Under 6

Will any manager or player get ejected during the 2014 World Series?
Yes 5/2
No 1/4

How many calls will get overturned after replay?
Over 1 4/7
Under 1 7/5

Will there be a Grand Slam in the 2014 World Series?
Yes 4/1
No 1/6

Will Any Game End in a Shutout?
Yes EVEN (1/1)
No -130 (10/13)

Which Teams Designated hitters will have the highest batting average?
San Francisco Giants EVEN (1/1)
Kansas City Royals -130 (10/13)

Which Team will Record More Errors?
San Francisco Giants EVEN (1/1)
Kansas City Royals -130 (10/13)

Which Team will have a lower Bullpen ERA
San Francisco Giants -130 (10/13)
Kansas City Royals EVEN (1/1)

Player Props
Most Hits, Runs and RBI's in the series
Hunter Pence (SF) -130 (10/13)
Alex Gordon (KC) EVEN (1/1)

Brandon Belt (SF) -130 (10/13)
Billy Butler (KC) EVEN (1/1)

Buster Posey (SF) -130 (10/13)
Lorenzo Cain (KC) EVEN (1/1)

Pablo Sandoval (SF) -130 (10/13)
Eric Hosmer (KC) EVEN (1/1)

Game 1 Strikeouts
Total Strikeouts - Madison Bumgarner
Over/Under 5½

Total Strikeouts - James Shields
Over/Under 5½