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Thursday Question

Ed Zurga

We did this with the AL East and AL Central, lets do AL West.

If you could take one player from each of the 5 AL West teams, which ones would you take.

Actually, you really only have to do 4 teams. Anyone that wouldn't take Mike Trout as their player from the Angels, isn't smart enough to find their way to Bluebird Banter.

Don't worry about about contracts, we'll figure how to pay them later, but future value would be something to consider. Give us your picks.

And....I have a favor to ask you, from my SB Nation Overlords. They would like you to go to, where they have a bunch of polls asking you to vote on the 'Hottest' several types of "Digital Brands". One of the categories is "Hottest in Sports" and SB Nation is currently sitting in second place. My Overlords would love us to finish first. So if you have a couple of free minutes, go vote SB Nation as the "Hottest In Sports". It might not mean much to you, but it would make the Overlords happy and if they are happy, they don't go out of their way to make my life miserable. While they are unhappy, I'm unhappy.

And, while you are there, you could vote for Vox as "Hottest In Native Advertising" (whatever that means) and "Hottest Digital Publication".

So go vote.