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Heyman: Jays 'begin' talks with Melky Cabrera

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Heyman tells us that the Blue Jays have started contract talks with Melky Cabrera.

The Blue Jays have begun contract talks with free-agent outfielder Melky Cabrera. Toronto is very interested in bringing back Cabrera, and is said to be willing to offer at least a three-year deal following Cabrera's fine 2014 season in Toronto.

One might have imagined that the Jays would have talked to him before now. Heyman says that Melky might be able to get a 5-year deal somewhere:

Considering his big comeback and improving reputation (he was said to fit in well in Toronto in the two years since his PED suspension), plus an oddly weak outfield market, industry insiders wouldn't be surprised if Cabrera were to seek a five-year deal.

I wouldn't want to go 5-years, but, as Heyman says, there isn't much for corner outfielders on the free agent market, and the other good corner outfielders on the market are all older than Melky's 30 (though Melky seems to play older than his age).

Heyman mention that the Jays need to find a second or third base baseman and fix their bullpen this winter, so there is a question to how much they will want to spend on Melky.