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Open Thread for World Series Game 5

That's a lotta tongue
That's a lotta tongue

With a solid win in game 4 to tie the series, the Giants have turned this World Series into a best-of-three tournament, but the Royals still have home field advantage; after tonight's game in San Francisco, the series will return to Kauffman Stadium for the final one or two games.

Tonight, the Royals are sending out "Big Game" James Shields against Madison Bumgarner in a rematch of game 1. Sheilds only has to last six innings against Kansas City as the "big three" relievers Kelvin Herrera, Wade Davis and Greg Holland are fresh and ready to go.


Alcides Escobar - SS Gregor Blanco - CF
Alex Gordon - LF Joe Panik! - 2B
Lorenzo Cain - RF Buster Posey - C
Eric Hosmer - 1B Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Salvador Perez - C Hunter Pence - RF
Mike Moustakas - 3B Brandon Belt - 1B
Omar Infante - 2B Travis Ishikawa - LF
Jarrod Dyson - CF Brandon Crawford - SS
James Shields - P Madison Bumgarner - P

Let's see if they can finish this game in less than four hours.