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Blue Jays Outright George Kottaras

Tom Szczerbowski

The Blue Jays have sent out a press release, saying that they have outrighted Munenori Kawasaki, Dan Johnson (both of which we knew about) and George Kottaras to Buffalo.

They also mention that Kottaras and Johnson have decided to become free agents instead of taking the assignment.

I was kind of hoping they would keep Kottaras an let him battle Thole for the back up catchers and Dickey caddy in spring training next year. Thole has shown us that he isn't going to hit anything like a major leaguer should. Kottaras hasn't had a great MLB career, but his lifetime .215/.236/.411  slash line, with 32 home runs in 858 plate appearances does put the last couple of seasons of Thole's to shame. Kottaras has caught the knuckleball before.

Since Munenori didn't elect to become a free agent, it looks like we might have him around next year, though, I hope, he won't be playing near as much. He's fun to have around and all, but he's a replacement level player...he shouldn't get into 82 games in a season.