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Melky Cabrera turns down Blue Jays Qualifying Offer

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It was a given but

Since Michael Cuddyer turned down the QO and got a deal, though it is only $6 million more over two years than the QO was for one year , there is little worry for Melky.

All 12 players that received qualifying offers rejected them.

There was a rumor out there that the Jays were offering Melky a 3-year deal, which sounds about right to me, but I think he'll be able to get a longer contract somewhere else. I really wouldn't want to go 5 years or longer with Melky.

Maybe we should have a contest to guess who signs Melky and for how much and how long. I'm thinking someone gives him 5 years, but not sure who. Let's guess the Tigers. Give us your guess.