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Blue Jays inquire on Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Antonio Bastardo

Brian Garfinkel

Bob Elliott, in the Toronto Sun, tells us that the Jays inquired about Phillies Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Antonio Bastardo.

What Elliott doesn't do is give us a time frame when this happened. He doesn't say that this happened in the last couple of weeks, or if it happened mid-season. He goes on to say that Hamels and Utley have no trade clauses that would make it hard for the Jays to pick them up.

Bastardo is a lefty reliever and it is really right-handers that we need for the pen, but then, last year he was as good against RHB (.195/.291/.309) as LHB (.175/.302/.338).  I like pitchers that strikeout a lot of batters, Bastardo struck out 11.4/9 innings. the bad side is he walked 4.8/9 innings.

Chase Utley is 36, and gets paid more than I'd like to pay. He would be an improvement on Ryan Goins at second base, but since he has a no trade clause, I don't see it happening. Hamels would be great and all but he's making $90 million over the next 4 years.