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Wednesday Bantering: rumors

Justin K. Aller

There's a bunch of Blue Jays rumors today:

Bob Elliot and Shi Davidi tell us that the Jays are talking to Brook Jacoby about their open batting coach job. Shi says that he is 'similar in approach to Kevin Seitzer'. Jacoby was the Reds hitting coach for 7 seasons, starting in2007 and, last year, was the Rangers assistant hitting coordinator. Jacoby hit .270/.334/.405 with 120 home runs in 11 major league seasons, mostly with the Indians. I have no idea if he would be a good choice or not.

MLB Trade Rumors has a quick mention that the Blue Jays (and other teams) are interested in Nick Markakis. So far the Jays have been interested in everyone.

Jon Morosi tells us that the Jays haven't signed any big free agents in the past and, therefor are unlikely to sign anyone in this year.  I don't know that that is necessarily true. He goes on to say that:

It's difficult to know whether that conservatism is solely Anthopoulos' philosophical bent, or if ownership has encouraged him to take that approach. For the record, no one can accuse the Blue Jays of being cheap. According to USA Today figures, the Blue Jays had the ninth-largest Opening Day payroll this year: $129.4 million, just ahead of the Los Angeles Angels.

At least he isn't on the 'cheap Rogers' bandwagon.

Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Jays interest in Pablo Sandoval is "limited". I think we all knew that.

In the same Bob Elliott piece that was linked to above, Elliot tells us:

  • the Jays talked to the Mariners about Michael Saunders, back before the trade deadline.
  • that the Jays, if they don't get Russell Martin, they could trade for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Man, I hope not. I can't understand Elliott's reasoning there at all. Saltalamacchia hit .220/.320/.362 with 11 home runs in 114 games for the Marlins last year. He isn't considered a good defensive catcher.
  • And that the Jays signed minor league free agents Scott Copeland, Austin Bibens-Dirkx, Mike Lee and Bobby Korecky.