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Possible Blue Jays trade targets

Michael Saunders
Michael Saunders
Otto Greule Jr

Jim Bowden, at, lists his 'top 10 players most likely to be traded' (subscription required) (I'm going to stay away from being grammar police here), including his guesses at where the players will end up.

He suggests several of them could be of interest to the Blue Jays. Let's take a look at those ones.

Evan Gattis:

Bowden he could end up with the Mariners, Rays, Royals, White Sox, A's as well as the Jays.

Gattis is a power guy and his best position would be DH. so he does make some sense for the Jays. He's played left field, first base and catcher for the Braves, but his defense is pretty awful at all three spots. Fangraphs also tells us he is a lousy base runner. Last year he hit .263/.317/.493 with 22 home runs. He struck out 25% of the time, so he'd fit right in with the Jays.

His game is power, 22 home runs in 401 at bats, it is easy to imagine that he could get up to 30 or so home runs playing full time in the more homer friendly Rogers Centre. He's 28 years old, in the middle of his prime and a right-handed batter, he clubs lefties. He could fill the role of spelling Edwin at first base on occasion, be fourth outfielder and emergency catcher. I wouldn't mind another power bat in the order.

Yoenis Cespedes:

Bowden thinks he could be traded to the Cardinals, Mariners, Reds, White Sox, Royals, Giants or the Jays.

Yes, he'd fit in great with the Jays, no the Red Sox won't be trading him within the division. It isn't going to happen.

Mike Leake:

Bowden thinks he could be traded to the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, Mariners, Rangers, Braves, Diamondbacks or Blue Jays.

Leake is a nice type of mid-rotation starter. He threw 214 innings last year. He'd be an marginal upgrade on Happ, but if the Jays trade off Buehrle or another starter, Leake could fill some innings. but I have doubts there is a match there.

Michael Saunders:

Bowden figures he could end up with the Cardinals, Rays, Twins, Padres, Cubs, Rockies or Blue Jays.

He's a guy I'd like, not because he's Canadian (though it doesn't hurt), but because he's a lefty bat that could play great defense in left. He hit .273/.341/.450 in 78 games last year. His power would likely play better in Rogers than at Safeco. Bowden doesn't suggest what the M's would expect in return, but if the Mariners are willing to sell low, I'd try to get him.

Andre Ethier:

Bowden figures he'll go to Yankees, Royals, White Sox, Mariners or the Jays.

He's really not a player I'd like to have, he's on the wrong side of 30 (33 in April), He isn't a particularly good defensive player, and I don't think that will improve as he ages. His bat would be helped out by leaving the NL West. He's got $54.5 million coming to him over the next 3 years plus an option year with $2.5 million buyout in 2018. The Dodgers would have to send a ton of money with him. I really can't see it happening.