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Brook Jacoby gets the job as the Blue Jays hitting coach

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Quick: name every Blue Jays hitting coach since 2000. There are quite a few already but today the club officially added Brook Jacoby to the list, confirming a Bob Elliott report from last week which included a pretty damn fine hashtag.

I have no idea how Jacoby will be like as a hitting coach, but Shi Davidi does, saying that he has a "similar approach" to the departed Kevin Seitzer, who advocated hitting to all fields. Jacoby served as the Texas Rangers' assistant hitting coordinator last season. I wonder if he had worked with J.P. Arencibia down in the minors last year.

Jacoby, who will be turning 55 this Sunday, played in the major leagues in 11 separate seasons for the Braves, Indians, and Athletics. He was an American League all-star in 1986 and 1990. But most importantly, he played five years with Pat Tabler in Cleveland, so expect to hear a lot of stories about him every single game this season.

When the Reds hired Jacoby as their hitting coach in 2006, here is what Red Reporter had written on him:

"One thing he talked about right away was situational hitting and what to look for and how to prepare guys and having a plan when they go up to bat in certain situations," said Jerry Narron. "Not only the mechanical part of hitting but also the mental preparation and the approach you have to have in different situations. I thought that was big."