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SB Nation MLB Awards: Bluebird Banter's official nominees

Ryan Goins.
Ryan Goins.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've had polls for the best pitching performancethe most important hitthe best defensive play, the most regrettable moment and the funniest moment and it is time to post the winners.

The funniest moment of the Blue Jays season.

The winner is:

Monkeys never cramp, with 39% of the vote.

Coming in second was Melky scared by thunder with 25% of the vote.

The most regrettable Blue Jays moment of 2014.

The winner is:

Passing around the hat to try to sign Ervin Santana. That got 38% of the vote.

Runner up was:

Brett Lawrie returns to the DL after just 3 innings.

The Blue Jays best defensive play of 2014.

The winner is

Ryan Goins makes barehanded play, which get 42% of the vote.

Runner up was Jose Bautista throws out Billy Butler at first base, with 27% of the vote. (this would have been my choice).

The most important Blue Jays hit of 2014.

The winner is:

Jose Bautista's game winning hit in the 19th inning against the Tigers, with 53% of the vote.

Runner up was Dalton Pompey's first career home run with 18%.

The best Blue Jays pitching appearance of 2014.

The winner is:

Chad Jenkins pitching 6 scoreless innings, getting the win in the 18 innings game. This got 35% of the vote, 148 votes.

Runner up is Marcus Stroman's start on September 8, a complete game shutout,  3 hitter with 8 strikeouts.Which got 35% of the vote as well, with 2 less votes (146) than the winner.

Thanks all for voting. The smart folks at SB Nation will go through the winners from each MLB site and will pick  5 or 6 of the best of the best and then run a series of poll on the SB Nation MLB page.