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Poll Time: What do you think of the trade?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We've had a day to think about, get past the initial shock and think about the trade more rationally.

To me,  Marco Estrada, looks like a somewhat better version of Esmil Rogers, 2 years older, but then with better control and more strikeouts. Less walks are good, more strikeouts is good. Last year Estrada gave up a bunch of home runs, but career, he's hasn't been that much worse than Esmil. Maybe it was a one year blip.

I guess my opinion of the trade will depend on what happens from here on out. If we do something with Happ or one of the other starters, Estrada could fill that 5th starter role or the perhaps the guy in the bullpen who would rather be a starter role. Or he could be a setup man.

I don't know, it just seems like Estrada is the type of player that could have been picked up from almost nothing.

I'd likely be happier with the trade if we got someone younger. At 31...he's not someone that's going to suddenly become a star. And, with only one year of control left, if he does become someone good, will we keep him?

Payroll flexibility, which seems like the buzz word of this off-season, was a big part of Alex Anthopoulos' explanation of the trade. If we do good things with that flexibility, it will make the trade look better.

I am sure that Alex shopped Lind to everyone (Alex is nothing if not thorough) and he must have decided this was the best he could get. for him. If we could get a listing of what other teams would offer, then we could judge if it was the best trade out there.

I liked the last Marco we had.

Let's have a poll.