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Greatest catch ever: Odell Beckham or Devon White?

Al Bello/Getty Images

So Odell Beckham made a, you know, pretty good catch last night, and it is all over Twitter that it was the 'best catch ever' (let's see him do it without the sticky gloves).

No honest it was just amazing. I'm sure you have seen it a few hundred times, but here it is again.

Beckham catch

So my question is: does this take the top spot as greatest catch ever from the play that I've always considered the greatest catch ever, Devon White in game 3 of the 1992 World Series?

In case you need to see that again (of course you need to see that again, like Joe Carter's World Series winning home run, if you watched it every day since it happened, you would till need to see it again).

Course, Odell didn't have to spin and throw the ball back, getting a Triple Play (stupid umpires). So extra points to White. And it's baseball, not football (a far lesser sport), so more extra points to White.

This might be a better Devon White catch, but it didn't happening in the World Series: