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Blue Jays Rumor of the Day: Cole Hamels

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

My feelings about rumor season bounce back and forth between 'hey that's interesting' and 'man, this is getting tiresome'. But.....

Jayson Stark, at, gives us this morning's rumor, telling us that the Phillies have finally figured out that they should be in rebuilding mode and they they are shopping Cole Hamels. And the Jays are on the list of team he figures are interested.

On the other hand, where's the pressure on the Red Sox, Cubs, Blue Jays, Dodgers or any of the other Hamels suitors to give up their best young players in November, December or even January? Their high-end starting-pitching options in free agency are massive. And if they don't like the heavy price tag Amaro has slapped on Hamels -- i.e., at least two premier young players, plus another piece or two -- there are plenty of alternatives on the trade market, too.

Two premier young players? I wonder who that would be on the Blue Jays. I'm figuring Pompey, Sanchez and Stroman are almost untouchable, so we'd be thinking Norris and someone.

Hamels will be getting $22.5 million over the next four seasons. That's enough that it might lessen his trade value.

He is a terrific pitcher. In 9 seasons, with the Phillies, he has a 108-83 record with a 3.27 ERA. in 1801 innings he's allowed 1604 hits, 453 walks and 1707 strikeouts. He's pitched over 200 innings in each of the last 5 seasons. Cole turns 31 two days after Christmas.

For what it is worth, he has a no-trade list, and opinions differ on whether the Blue Jays are on that list.