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2015 Blue Jays Promotions include a Bell-Moseby-Barfield Bobblehead

Not a bad set of giveaways for 2015. A step in the right direction, Blue Jays!

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

According to a Blue Jays press release, the Blue Jays will offer patrons to the Rogers Centre a giveaway during 18 of their 81 home games in 2015, similar to 2014 numbers. It will feature one more bobblehead day than last season for a total of four, featuring three current players (Jose Bautista, Marcus Stroman, Russell Martin) and a three-headed version honouring 1980's-era outfielders George Bell, Lloyd Moseby, and Jesse Barfield on a ' "Turn Back the Dial to 1985" day in August. For that event I'll go to the park dressed as a fetus in a sac of amniotic fluid. I wonder if the new MLB security procedure will let me enter.

Expect long lines for these games. Another popular giveaways will be the two replica jerseys (one white and one red). The release did not specify the number that will be given away, but we are probably looking at 20,000. Why not give them out to every fan who passes through the gates? Simple: giving out a limited number forces fans to show up to the park and start consuming food and drinks and shopping for souvenirs hours before the game begins. I was told by a Blue Jays employee that the club makes more than enough money from the added concession sales during giveaway days to offset the material costs of the giveaway.

The Giveaways

  • April 13 (Home Opener): Rally Towel (on entrance) and Magnet Schedule (on exit) - 45,000
  • April 14-16: Magnet Schedule (on exit) - 10,000 (each game)
  • April 19: Jose Bautista bobblehead - 20,000
  • May 5: Social media t-shirt - 15,000
  • May 10: Brett Lawrie replica white jersey
  • May 24: Blue Jays trucker hat
  • June 7: Marcus Stroman bobblehead
  • June 28: Blue Jays white panel hat
  • July 1: Blue Jays Forces t-shirt
  • July 29: Blue Jays winter mittens
  • August 2: Blue Jays welcome mat
  • August 3: Russell Martin bobblehead
  • August 16: George Bell-Lloyd Moseby-Jesse Barfield bobblehead - 20,000
  • August 30: Blue Jays replica red jersey
  • September 18: Social media t-shirt - 15,000
  • September 27: Blue Jays hoodie

After giving out five hats (cowboy, visor, bucket, batting practice, toque) in the lacklustre 2014 lineup, it is refreshing to see that the marketing folks have limited themselves to just two hats this season, one of which is the white-panel Blue Jays cap everyone is waiting for, although I thought trucker caps also have a white front panel. (I wonder if that hints that the Blue Jays will be introducing it as an alternative on-field cap at some point.)

Most Inappropriate Giveaway Award: The Blue Jays will be inexplicably holding a "Snow Day in July" event and giving away mittens that are going to be lost before the following winter. I can understand doing the Snow Day event after global warming has eliminated winter in Canada, but come on, why would anyone want to be reminded of the grey and cold gloom that dominates our country for five months a year?

Most Appropriate Giveaway Award: The marketing genius who decided on giving out the Blue Jays welcome mat during the Civic Holiday long weekend should be applauded as the Blue Jays will likely slide into its usual position of being the American League East's doormat by that part of the season.

Overall Pre-Season Giveaway Rating: I like what they are doing here: 8/10. I would've liked to see some more creativity in the giveaways but this is a solid promo lineup for Toronto.