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Would you like the Jays to pick up Sean Rodriguez?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As you likely know, the Rays have signed Ernesto Frieri and gave the DFA treatment to Sean Rodriguez.

With the Jays short middle infielders (and outfielders, pitchers, wins....) there is a fair bit of speculation that the Jays might want to grab the guy. He's played every position on the field, other than pitcher and catcher (though I would imagine he was the Rays emergency catcher at various times too, just like Johnny Mac was for us,  just no emergency presented itself).

On a team that has used Munenori Kawasaki in the utility role, the last couple of seasons, there Sean would be an upgrade.

Sean is arbitration eligible this year. He's a right-handed batter, and he turns 30 in April.

On the downside, I'm doubtful he will fall to the Jays, someone higher on the waiver list is likely to grab him. Guys that play, at least, passable defense all over the field and  can swing a major league average bat (with ok pop)