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Hall of Fame Poll: Barry Bonds

Would you vote Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Next up is the poster boy for PEDs Barry Bonds.

Baseball must be the only sport whose best player isn't in the Hall of Fame (well maybe 2nd or 3rd best). This is Barry's third time on the ballot, the first two times he's picked up 36.2% and 34.7% of the votes, less than half the support that he would need to make the Hall.

He's the all-time leader in home runs (762), walks (2,558) and intentional walks (688). Baseball Reference has him 2nd in career WAR at 162.4.

He played 22 seasons, has a .298/.444/.607 slash line. 1996 RBI, 514 stolen bases. He made 14 All-Star teams. Has 7 NL MVP awards, 12 Silver Sluggers, 8 Gold Gloves. Baseball Reference has him at a 158.1 WAR, 2nd all-time among position players.

But he used steroids and was (is) a jerk. Not that being a jerk has kept people out of the Hall before.

Personally, I think that even if he hadn't used the drugs, he would have had Hall of Fame type numbers. I'd vote him in. And I think it is hypercritical that the baseball writers that ignored steroid use, back in the day, hold it against the players now. Never mind us fans that cheered for those players.