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Hall of Fame Poll: Carlos Delgado

Would you vote Carlos Delgado into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Next on the ballot is Carlos Delgado.

After Roger Clemens, it is nice to have a player I like to talk about.

Carlos Delgado had a 17 year MLB career, 12 seasons with the Blue Jays. He hit .280/.383/.546 with 473 home runs and 1512 RBI.  He was on 2 All-Star teams, won 3 Silver Slugger awards and got MVP votes 7 different times, and came in 2nd in 2003 (Alex Delgado took the award), when he hit 42 home runs, drove in 145 (!) and had a .302/.426/.593 slash line.

He really was the type of slugger every team would like to have, someone that drives in 100+ runs a year and often taking over 100 walks.

His numbers could have been a little better, he had a hard time breaking into the Blue Jays line up. They had a bit of trouble finding a position for him and he and Cito didn't always see eye to eye, but when the team finally made a spot for him he was great.

If he had 27 more home runs, got to that magic 500 homer level, he'd be in easy, the BBWAA likes those big round numbers. Unlike many on the ballot, I never heard any whispers that he used steroids. But then, there are others on the list who only have been accused of using because they put up big numbers, so I'm sure there will be some that believe Carlos used.