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Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

The SB Nation Baseball sites are running our own MLB Awards and, as always, we (well mostly I) need your help.

The awards are going to be:

  • the funnest moment of 2014
  • the most regrettable moment of 2014
  • the best defensive play of 2014
  • the most important hit of 2014
  • the best pitching appearance of 2014
  • the MLB team of the year

What is going to happen is every few days, over the next couple of weeks, we will put up a post asking you to vote on the best of these moments for the Blue Jays. A panel of SB types will pick the 5 of the best of the best and there will be a SB Nation wide vote on each category.

What do I need from you now? Suggestions for each of these categories (including gifs if possible). The first poll will be up later today.