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Blue Jays to talk to Pablo Sandoval

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We are knee deep in rumor season.

Over at the SB Nation rumors site, MLB Daily Dish, young Mr. Chris Cotillo informs us that Pablo Sandoval's agents are planning to meet with GM's of four clubs at the GM's meeting in Phoenix next week. One of those four teams are our Blue Jays. The other three are the Giants, Red Sox and White Sox.

I know that Alex talks to everyone and I have real doubts that the Jays could land him, but I'd really love to get to see him in a Blue Jays uniform.

Chris writes this:

Though reports this week have stated that Sandoval would prefer a six-year deal, agent Gustavo Vasquez told me earlier in the week that he is not setting a mininum-contract length requirement and is simply "looking for the best deal for Pablo".

I wouldn't want to give him more than a 5 year contract, he is 28 now and I'd have questions on how well he'll age. I also think that if he's signing a longer term contract, an AL team might be a better choice, so that he could play some DH. Fangraphs has him at a 3.5 UZR/150, so he's not terrible at third base. He seems to move pretty well for a guy his size.

If the Jays were to sign Pablo, Brett Lawrie would be moving to second base.

So that makes 3 big time free agents that the Jays have been connected to, Melky Cabrera, Russell Martin and, now, Pablo. I thought we could have a poll asking, if we could only have one of the three, which one would you pick?