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Hall of Fame Poll: Randy Johnson

Would you vote Randy Johnson into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

I'm going to skip Brian Giles, but he was a much better player than I thought:

In a 15 year career he hit .291/.400/.502 with 287 home runs and 1078 RBI. I like anyone with a .400 career OBP. He took 100 walks 5 times. He hit over 30 home runs four straight seasons. He likely would have had many more home runs, but he spent the last 7 seasons of his career in San Diego.

Unfortunately he did it all at when everyone was loaded up on PEDs and his numbers didn't look so good at the time. He only made 2 All-Star teams and received MVP votes 5 times and he never finished higher than 9th.  His bWAR is 50.9.

I'm also going to skip Tom Gordon:

Gordon was a very good reliever for much of his 21 year career. He pitched in 890 games, made 203 starts, had a 3.96 ERA, 138-126 record and had 158 saves. He made 3 All-Star teams, came in 13th in MVP voting in 1998, when he had 46 saves and he came in 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting, back in 1989.His bWAR is 34.9. He was good, but a long way from a Hall of Famer.

And I'm going to skip Eddie Guardado:

Eddie was a good left-handed middle reliever and spend a few seasons at closer. He pitched in 908 games, started 25, had a 46-61 record, a 4.31 ERA and 187 saves. He made 2 All-Star teams. He finish with a 13.3 career WAR.

Randy Johnson, on the other hand, has a very good case for the Hall.

In 22 seasons, he had a 303-166 record over 22 seasons. 618 games, 603 starts, 3.29  ERA, 100 complete games, 4135 innings, 4875 strikeouts (2nd all time). He was an All-Star 10 times, won 4 Cy Youngs (came in 2nd three times and 3rd once). His career WAR is 102.1.

He was co-MVP (with Curt Schilling) of the 2001 World Series, when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees (beating out the Yankees, by itself, makes him Hall of Fame worthy to me. He led the league in strikeouts 9 times (walks 3 times), ERA 4 times, among other things.

And he came up as an Expo. I'm not going to mention the trade that sent him away, because I don't want to cry.

As well as all the stats, he gave us this moment: