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Hall of Fame Poll: John Smoltz

Would you vote John Smoltz into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Since we have no Rule 5 Draft news, let's do another Hall of Fame poll.

This is John Smoltz first time on the ballot. He is an interesting case. John was a starter for 12 years, missed a season after Tommy John surgery and the Braves put him in the pen to close for 4 season and then he went back to the rotation.

He finished his career with a 213-155 record, 3.33 ERA, 154 saves in 21 seasons, 723 games, 481 starts, all, except for his last season, with the Braves. In 3 seasons as a full time closer he saved 55, 45 and 44 games.  He won 1 Cy Young award and received votes 4 other times, made 8 All-Star teams and won a Silver Slugger award. Yes, they give Silver Slugger awards to pitchers. He threw over 200 innings 10 times and over 250 innings twice.

His career WAR is 66.5, helped out by 3.0 WAR from his bat.

He was part of one of the best rotations in MLB history with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine (both of whom are in the Hall of Fame already).

He's one of the very few, on the ballot, who you really can't say anything bad about. There were no rumors of PEDs, at least that I've heard. He does charity work. Though he plays the accordion, which might be enough to make me vote no, and he bowls (there is no accounting for some people) (just threw that one in to see if Bowling Guy is reading this).