Sporigins: A Tale of two Spors


I thought i'd go a little more in depth in this article. A question I got In the Ask ____ Anything! Was my connection to the Jays. I told my story and it went a little something like this:

I don’t have any relatives that are from Toronto, or even Canadian. I grew up in my little notch of connecticut where i’m an hour out of NYC and two ish out of Boston. The majority of people here are Red sox, Yankee, or Mets fans. My dad grew up a mets fan, so I got mets stuff from him on my birthdays. My mom Spent half of her childhood in Brooklyn and half of it in L.A so she tried to get me to root for the dodgers, but she didn’t have a strong push. The My cousins from Boston sent Red sox apparel down here for the holidays. My late Grandpa gave the biggest push, and he was a yankee fan. I have an a-rod jersey that fit 7 year old me hanging in my closet somewhere. So I bounced around for a bit until I was eight. We lived in New Canaan at the time which is a bigger town that where we are now. Weston has only one store. So we went out to dinner one night and went to a restaurant called Gates. At gates,, they serve desert in baseball helmets like you find at stadiums. That night I got a Jays helmet. Something clicked then, I and I grew fond of them. We went to a local sporting goods store, not one of the big names and got me a little white throwback Blue Jays hat. We went to New York, perhaps to see the circus or something I don’t remember. We happened to see Mr. (Jesse, just to make sure there's no confusion) Barfield walking around town. He signed the hat, and my inner Jays Fan was born. As well, i like to think that since I’m adopted, and not From the U.S, my team shouldn’t be either. That has no relation to how I became a fan, but yeah.

Now there are a few more reasons as to why I became a fan, and what lead Spor Jr over the border away from being a mets fan too.

1) We have a habit of sitting next to relatives of players.

Especially when we were younger, but a bit now, we had a habit of sitting next to players' relatives. Some jays, some not. Our list includes John Buck's uncle, Jesse Litch's Girlfirend, Yan Gomes's brother(I believe, maybe cousin. We didn't talk), Aj Griffin's family, The cousin of Joe Mauer, A Brett Cecil relative, and Most recently Dustin McGowan's Aunts, uncles, and three little cousins. (He happened to blow the lead in Tampa the night we were sitting next to them. It took all my will power to stay nice, and realize they had nothing to do with it.) All of these experiences (except dustin) came when I was 6 to 12, and I had become a jays fan officially at 8. So this molded me to become a jays fan seeing all they players' families. As well Spor Jr followed in my league with the "big brother does it, if i do it i'll be cool mentality" and became a Jays fan.

2) We've had conversations with former Jays.

When we visited Arizona, Lyle Overbay was playing first. We were sitting down the first base line and of course, we wore all of our jays gear to a game in Arizona. In between one inning when he was jogging to the dugout, we yelled "We miss you lyle!" and he turned and saw all of our Jays stuff. He responded "Tell the city I say hi". My dad, being the bravest since both Spor Jr and I were small responded " We'll talk to Anthopuolos and then you can tell them yourself". He smirked back and later on told us "So have you made a phone call yet?". It was pretty funny. The other two times this happened was once in Pittsburgh this summer actually. Good ol' Travis Snider was playing in the outfield and on his way back to the dugout he got the ceremonial "We miss you Travis!" Us, decked out in jays gear yet again got a point from Travis and later on walked by the stands on his way out to the field and asked us how it was going, before we responded good how about you? and He said "playing baseball, how could it be bad?". Then obviously since he had to go to the field, he left. The nicest experience was Johnny Mac. I'm ashamed to say I don't what team (it was red, Arizona?) but he was super cool. Once again, the "We miss you Johnny Mac!". This one was the most sincere since we truly loved him as a jay and still do. (He's a free agent, and i'm secretly hoping we sign him since I have a soft spot. This one was before the game. He saw all of our toronto stuff and we had a full on conversation. Hi how are you guys doing? is everything good up in Toronto? And then the coolest part happened. We told him we aren't actually from Toronto, we're from Weston Connecticut. He's from New London connecticut, a mere straight hour trip on CT-15 north. Being from the same state being how small it is and how little publicity it gets, we bonded over that. We took a few pictures and talked baseball. He even gave me a few tips for my own defense at second base. (Just the basics, but it was awesome that he would just stay and talk to one particular family for a while). He was a real genuine guy.

3. Three is the magic number, so I had to think of something.

This has nothing to do with becoming a fan, just luck. Jr and I were the Blue Jays in Little League one year when the AL East was the set of teams. (and the mets for some reason). We rocked it, we even had a left pitcher named Scott D who was dominate at first, but then suddenly lost all of his control. Luckily for my high school he's back to being a good pitcher. Hopefully someone who shall remain unnamed does the same .

So yeah, that's a little more about me. I'm happy to be a member of Bluebird Banter, and hope that I'm here for many years to come. I may not know as much about statistics besides the common ones on the back of a baseball card like some of you, but I have fun chatting with you just the same. Go Jays Go, and may my water bill be as high as the CN Tower.

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