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Are the Jays still trying to replace Beeston?

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Rogers Corporation, apparently very awkwardly, are trying to replace Paul Beeston. It seemed like the rumors were dying out, but, this morning, Buster Olney gets us talking about it again.  Buster listed his 'winners and losers' from the Winter Meetings and mentioned Dan Duquette as a 'loser and winner', saying:

He was reminded the other day by Baltimore owner Peter Angelos that he has an existing contract that runs through 2018 and that he will be expected to honor that contract, rather than pursue the job of CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays.

In spite of that declarative statement, however, this situation has legs. There are folks in Major League Baseball who want the Orioles to allow Duquette to go to the Blue Jays, given his past work in Canada as the general manager of the Montreal Expos. If a deal can be worked out to satisfy Angelos, a hard negotiator, then Duquette may well be on the move. The Orioles are in position to demand a significant concession from the Blue Jays' ownership, which is more about the macro than the micro, and it probably wouldn't hesitate to part with something good if it can get the man it wants.

I don't know why Rogers would be fixating on Duquette. And I don't understand why the fact that Duquette worked for the Expos makes him a good choice for the Jays. It seems to be a very lazy narrative. He once worked in Canada, he should work there again. Maybe it is an American thing, they figure even though Toronto and Montreal are different cities, since they are in Canada, it is the same place.

I can't see why MLB would be wanting the Jays to hire Duquette. What is in it for them?

I also have doubts that the Jays would want to give up a player, of value, to get Dan.

It does seem that Rogers wants Beeston out. I have no idea why. I wonder if Beeston knows why?

I figured we ought to throw our collective hats into the competition for the job. Here is your chance, tell us what you would do if you were made president and CEO of the Blue Jays, maybe someone from Rogers will read it (if, you know, if anyone from Rogers has access to the internet) and give you the job.

Personally, if I was given Beeston's job I'd:

  • Go to Rogers and get a concrete number for the payroll budget, but also ask for a deal that, if the team is striking distance of the playoffs, there will be more money for mid-season deals. If the team is within 5 games, at the deadline, we can add $10 or $15 more to payroll. I don't see anything wrong at all with having to work under a budget, but I do think that, if the team is close, there ought to be some flexibility there. Making the playoffs, or just staying in the race, has a financial benefit for the team, they should be able to see that.
  • Be honest with people about the chances of real grass. I keep hearing there will be studies (someone must have finished a study), and we get a vague idea that there will be grass in 2018. Let's be honest and tell us if we can have grass in Rogers Centre or not. Stop saying 'we are studying" and tell us if they have figured out if it can be done or not.
  • Bump up the budget for the scouting department and the analytics department.
  • I would keep Alex and Gibby in their jobs, for now. since Alex is in the middle of rebuilding the team, I think it is the wrong time to make changes.
  • I'd get rid of the 5 year rule, figuring that if we aren't smart enough to know how long a contract to offer a player, then we really shouldn't be running club. I agree that, most of the time, going more than 5 years is a mistake, but i don't understand why I'd make a rule to protect me from myself.
  • I'd talk to Alex about being less cryptic with the press. I'd rather he didn't lie, I'd prefer if he didn't answer a question than lie.
  • I'd insist that everyone in the organization return phone calls and emails. Anyone would understand if a reply said 'no' to whatever request is made, but be professional enough to reply. If a department is too busy to return messages, get them an intern. When Bob Elliot starts calling you "Rogers un-Communications" well, there is a problem.

Tell us what you would do if you were made team CEO.