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Jays looking at Mike Rizzo for CEO

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Crasnick, of, reports that Mike Rizzo who is the Washington Nationals GM, is another person the Blue Jays are looking at to fill Paul Beeston's job.

He gets added to the list that includes Dan Duquette, Terry Ryan and Kenny Williams as a potential replacement for Beeston as Blue Jays CEO.

This is the line that I thought was interesting:

Sources told Olney that Toronto ownership was not pleased with some of Beeston's actions during the search for a replacement for commissioner Bud Selig.

I don't understand why Rogers would be upset that Beeston backed the runner up, but maybe he burned some bridges with the new commissioner.

I really have no idea who would make a good CEO. Rizzo has been around the game for 32 years, so he has experience.  Whether he'd do a good job for us, I have no idea. It seems like Rogers is going around to each of the other 29 MLB teams trying to entice someone to take the Jays job. They don't seem to be doing the most graceful job in their search.