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What one question would you like to ask John Gibbons?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since we seem to hit a slump for Blue Jays news, or even rumors. I figured we'd have word on Takashi Toritani by now. I'm sure as soon as I leave the house, there will be news. It seems to be the way things work.

We did this about this time last year, but with Alex Anthopoulos, so let's try it with manager John Gibbons. If you were allowed to ask John Gibbons one question, what would it be. Not that he's likely to be calling us up to do an interview any time soon.

Now understand, making it an insult is a good way to get it a) not answered and b) punched. So try to make it something that isn't too mean.

Mine would be, " what is the most important thing he leaned from last season?" I'm always curious about things like that. Each season seems to have a lesson involved. Experience is a great teacher, so I wonder what Gibbons would say he learned this year.

What question would you ask Gibbons?