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Hall of Fame Poll: Jeff Kent

Would you vote Jeff Kent into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

I found a picture of Kent as a Blue Jay
I found a picture of Kent as a Blue Jay
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Next on the list is a former Blue Jay, Jeff Kent.

It is Kent's second time on the ballot, he was on 15.2% of the writers ballots last year.

Kent had a very good 17 season career that started with the Blue Jays. He was traded in the middle of his rookie season to the Mets for David Cone. We can't complain too much, we won the World Series that year. He was pretty good for the Mets. if not terrific. He was traded to the Indians in the middle of the 1996 season. After that season he was part of a big trade between the Indians and Giants. It was with the Giants he became a star. After San Francisco he went to the Astros and Dodgers.

In total he played 2298 games, hit 377 home runs, had 1518 RBI with a .290/.356/.500 slash line. Not bad for a middle infielder. He won the NL MVP in 2000, played on 5 All-Star teams and won 4 Silver Slugger awards. He had more than 100 RBI 8 times (helped along by opponents intentionally walking Barry Bonds)

He also didn't get along with Bonds, which is a bit of a plus in my book, though he really didn't have to be such a jerk about it and, it seemed, like his dislike of Bonds had a lot to do with jealousy.  And then there was the time he broke his wrist, during spring training. At first he said it happened washing his truck, but turns out he crashed his motorcycle doing wheelies. He was also a contestant on Survivor, which seems to be something that former players are doing these days.

I do think that it would be kind of funny if Kent was voted into the Hall and Bonds wasn't.