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Monday Bantering: Open Thread

Takashi Toritani
Takashi Toritani
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't much out there that I really feel like writing about this morning. The couple of things out there aren't very interesting.

  • The Kang bid winner is to be announced at some point today but Wilner says it isn't the Blue Jays and I'll believe him. Whoops....late news: Jon Heyman says that the Pirates won the bidding for Kang.
  • The Takashi Toritani sage has to end at some point. As time goes on, I'm less and less sure that I'd like the Jays to get him.
  • This morning, on MLB radio, Jon Heyman said that the Blue Jays are 'one of eight' teams in on Max Scherzer. I don't really believe that. To get him would mean ignoring the 5-year rule. Though, if Rogers really are tired of Beeston, maybe they would order the team to ignore that rule. I guess, if I was Rogers, and wanted to make the biggest signing possible, Scherzer would be my choice. But no, I can't see it happening.

Let's turn this into an open thread, you can discuss anything you want.