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Santa's List

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We had Christmas a couple of days early in our household. We are off for a week of fun in the sun in the Bahamas

But, I thought I'd offer up some suggests for what Santa could bring some of our favorites.

John Gibbons: A bullpen. Alex seems to have found him almost everything else he could want, Santa could fill out the bullpen for him.

Blue Jays Training Staff: I ask this every year Santa, but could you give them far less work.

Russell Martin: A Knuckleball mitt.

Josh Donaldson: Hey, getting out of Oakland is present enough for anyone.

Jose Bautista: Another year with a bunch of home runs and no time in CF. I guess that last part was for me.

Michael Saunders: Health, 150+ games played, and I figure Rogers Centre will provide everything else he needs.

Steve Delabar: A return to his All-Star form.

Colby Rasmus: Peace. Love and Understanding. Or at least that last part. And congratulations on the new baby. Maybe the new daughter can give him peace of mind to let him remember that  baseball is a game and should be fun.

Aaron Sanchez: 33 starts.

Marcus Stroman: Another year showing us all that HDMH....and some cool shoes.

Drew Hutchison: I think Russell Martin was all the present he needed.

Dalton Pompey: A Rookie of the Year type year.

Daniel Norris: A chance.

For one of Steve Tolleson, Ryan Goins, Devon Travis and Maicer least league average ability to play second base offensively and defensively.

R.A. Dickey: A knuckleball mitt for Russell Martin.

Mark Buehrle: Another 200 innings.

Jose Reyes: Range.

Edwin Encarnacion: A safe distance from all fireworks.

Tim Raines: Once again I ask for a plaque in the Hall of Fame for the very deserving Rock.

Justin Smoak: A season to equal the potential he once had.

Dioner Navarro: Enough playing time to be happy, whether here or somewhere else.

Brett Lawrie: A healthy season.

Casey Janssen: Saves, lots of them.

Alex Anthopoulos: More surprise moves. And maybe a moment to rest here and there

Montreal: Some Rays.

To folks that whine about "Happy Holidays": The understanding that they have a pretty amazing life if that is their issue.

Buck and Pat: Maybe the ability to relax some. They have a long term contract, maybe they won't feel the need to fill every second of airtime with chatter. Sometimes let the game breathe.

To Scott C, Minor Leaguer, MjwW and everyone else on the masthead: Lots of interesting things to write about and some October baseball to discuss

Me: As always I'm blessed enough, I don't need much. Understanding friends and family is always great. But if you let me have more time to watch my boys become fine young men, I'd be happy. Beyond that, allow me to play in this fun sandbox for a while longer.

For all of us: Health, happiness and more wins for the Jays.

Add in any other suggestions you have.

Merry Christmas to all. I hope Santa is good to you.