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Off Topic Thread: Favorite Christmas Movies

Tell us your favorite Christmas movie.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas time. Or, if you don't celebrate this particular holiday, I hope you are enjoying a good movie. When I was younger I always wondered why so many movies opened on Christmas day.

I hope Santa was good to you. I got books, clothes, a fancy recorder, tickets to a play, chocolates and well a bunch of stuff...I'm far luckier than I deserve to be.

In the spirit of the season, I'm recycling a post from last Christmas.

Christmas movies or TV specials that you can't live without at this time of year?

For me I have to watch A Wonderful Life and Holiday Inn each year.

A Wonderful Life I've likely watched 50+ times. I can do all the lines. It's always good to be reminded the importance of friends. "No man is a failure if he has friends"/  I'll admit to tearing up at the end every time I see it. The funny thing about the movie is that it wasn't popular when it came out. It was too dark. People didn't like it., but Jimmy Stewart would always name it when asked his favorite movie and, well, it was cheap to put on TV (someone forgot to renew the copyright), so it got played at Christmas over and over. Times changed, it didn't seem so dark.

Holiday Inn really isn't a great movie. You have to be a fan of old Hollywood musicals to like it. Bing Crosby at his best minimalist acting and great singing. Fred Astaire dancing and showing off his limited acting ability. A pretty silly plot. Bing is lazy (maybe that's why I can identify) , starts an inn that will only be open on holidays, and, as always in these movies, they fight over a girl. Though, with how they treat her, I have no idea why the girl would want either of them, but that's the way those movies go. Women in those movies didn't have much choice in men.

I also watch Peanuts Christmas and the Alastair Sim Christmas Carol movie.

I have to watch these in the original black and white, I think of colorizing sort of like remixing old music. I want the original vision of the artists.

Anyway those are my favorites, tell us about the ones you like best.