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The BLUE JAYS and Twitter, and Even You, Too!

Help, it's the offseason.

There is no photo of a Blue Jay tweeting but here is someone wearing blue and tweeting.
There is no photo of a Blue Jay tweeting but here is someone wearing blue and tweeting.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For all of us who happen to be on Twitter with some frequency (editor's note: follow @noah_sherman; he's desperate), we know the struggles of adaptation for whomever it is running the corporate account. Some tweets just seem a bit off, or disconnected--from mentioning themselves in comments:

to occasionally feeling the need to capitalize entire player names:

No big deal, it's just the way the account is run. Who cares if they choose to CAPS LOCK entire player names? It's certainly not SORE on the EYES and doesn't affect my life in any particular manner. Mentioning your own handle when I am already viewing a tweet by you is in no way redundant as well. Nope. All good over here!

Let's talk about how corporate accounts deal with favouriting tweets. You would think there would be two general ways to go about it:

  • Favourite the feel-good tweets that mention your brand, like so:

  • Have fun and pretty much favourite everything directed at you. See: Mariners, Seattle.
The Blue Jays seem to have found a third way to deal with favourites:
  • Accidentally press favourite a bunch of times, possibly from your personal account when you forgot to sign out of the Blue Jays one you manage too.
Observe! The following are all tweets favourited by the Blue Jays. They have 54 favourites.

Fairly certain this has nothing to do with the Blue Jays.


I'm fairly certain I will never know what this tweet means

Go ahead, poke around. It's strange. Like me! Have a nice day. Please do not go through my favourites (editor's note: here is a link to Noah's favourites.)