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Hall of Fame Poll: Edgar Martinez

Would you vote Edgar Martinez into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This is Edgar Martinez' 6th time on the ballot. He had been running between 32 and 37%, but last year he dropped to 25.2% on the writers' ballots. I don't know why he dropped off so many ballots.

Edgar played 18 seasons with the Mariners, hitting .312/.418/.515 with 309 home runs, 514 doubles, 1261 RBI. He was on 7 All-Star teams, won 2 batting titles, 1 Roberto Clemente Award, and 5 Silver Sluggers.

He seemed like one of those guys that could get a hit when ever he wanted. I remember watching him and thinking that there was no way to pitch him.

He has a 62.9 career offensive WAR, good for 68th place on the all-time list.

There are lot of arguments about whether a DH belongs in the Hall. I don't see any reason DH's should be excluded. Edgar did play about half his career at third base.