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Hall of Fame Poll: Mike Mussina

Would you vote Mike Mussina into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Ron Scheffler-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Mussina has a pretty good case for the Hall. Most of it revolves around his 270 wins.

He had a very good 18 year career, getting double digit wins in every season except his rookie year. 11 seasons of over 200 innings. He didn't win 20 games, in a season, until his very last year in the majors.

Mussina never won a Cy Young, he finished 2nd in voting once and finished 4th through 6th 8 times. He was an All-Star 5 times, including the rather famous time that Cito didn't bring him into the game in Baltimore. He won 7 Gold Gloves. His career WAR (837) puts him 57th all time among pictures.

No World Series rings but his teams made the playoffs 9 times. He did have the run in with Cito in the 1993 All-Star game. We talked about in depth back there.