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Paul Beeston staying for another year

Rumors of a change at the top for the Blue Jays appear to be wrong.

Harry How/Getty Images

That made for a fun day, but, Bob Elliot tells us that Paul Beeston will be staying for another year.

Elliot goes on to make fun of the rumored replacements for Beeston, saying that it is 'doubtful' that Rogers would hire White Sox GM Kenny Williams and that Dan Duquette has 4 years left on his contract with the  Orioles and it is unlikely the Jays would give the Orioles a player in exchange for him.

He also gives us a few unnamed quotes suggesting that Williams and Duquette aren't the best choices out there. I'll admit to thinking that it seems like a strange time to replace Beeston, as the team has made several moves, over the past month. If you wanted a new team president and a new direction, I would think you would want to do that before reshaping the team. I would imagine, if you brought in someone like Williams or Duquette, he would want to bring in his own GM and, likely, his own manger. This would seem to be the wrong time to do that.

I'd think, if the team doesn't contend in 2015, then you would want to make the big moves.

Elliot closes with a great one liner directed at Rogers:

Phone calls to Rogers un-Communications were not returned.

No surprise there.