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Hall of Fame Poll: Curt Schilling

Would you vote Curt Schilling into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It is Curt Schilling's third time on the ballot, he had 38.8% of the vote in 2013 and 29.2% in 2014.

Schilling had a 216-146 record but things seem to click for him at age 30. After he turned 30 he won 162 games, winning over 20 haves 3 times, finishing 2nd in Cy Young voting 3 times and making 6 All-Star teams.

He has 3 World Series rings (we beat out his Phillies in 1993 or he would have 4). He was co-MVP for the 2001 World series. And you likely remember the 'bloody sock' from 2004. A good part of case for the Hall is his performance in the playoffs.

Course there is some post career stuff, but that shouldn't come into the voting. He's a outspoken Republican. He rode his video game company into the ground, costing himself a fortune. And he had a Twitter run in with Keith Law over evolution, which got Lax suspended by ESPN for making too much sense. That will teach him.

On the plus side he is a fan of OOTP Baseball: "The only baseball sim I've ever gotten addicted to" was OOTP.