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Organizational All-Upside Team: Outfield

"My ceiling is up there?"
"My ceiling is up there?"

After some good discussion about the infield portion of the organizational all-upside team, we move to the outfield where there are tools galore for the Blue Jays. The top outfielders in the Toronto system are mainly center fielders, so their defensive positions in this piece aren't very important. If all goes well in the next few years, the team should have a plethora of options in the outfield and it should continue to be a real strength for Toronto going forward.

Right Field- Dalton Pompey

A Canadian switch hitting outfielder with a ton of speed is a pretty exciting asset to have for the Blue Jays and if the Mississauga native comes close to reaching his ceiling, then it will be a fun time to be a Toronto fan. Pompey spent all of 2013 in Lansing having a streaky year, ending with a line of .261/.358/.394 with 38 stolen bases and 106 strikeouts (20.7%). He played center field for most of the year and has a ton of range in the outfield, which actually led to him winning the Minor League Gold Glove. In the video below, you can see his swing from the right side of the plate as well as his wheels, which Jays Journal says can get him to first base in 3.7 seconds:

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Center Field- D.J. Davis

The 2012 draftee still hasn't fully put it together yet, but the upside is still there and his blazing speed will always help cover up his other blemishes. The left-handed hitter spent all of last season in Bluefield hitting .240/.323./.418 with six home runs and a 29.5% K-rate. Similarly to Pompey, Davis has speed for days, but strikes out too much and has a long way to go before he's a polished outfielder. Both players will stick in center field for the foreseeable future with Davis a level below Pompey, avoiding any sort of logjam at the position.

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Left Field- Anthony Gose

Can a player with 108 games in the big leagues be put on an all-upside team? Yes, apparently he can. The left-handed hitter still hasn't come close to reaching his ceiling, with mid-20%'s strikeout rates at every level of pro ball and questions beginning to arise about his attitude starting to be a sign of worry for the Blue Jays. Gose split time between the Blue Jays and Buffalo in 2013, not looking that impressive at the plate, but still showing his speed on the basepaths and in the field. If Gose gets a chance to play left field in 2014, he better take it, as time is slowly running out for the 23-year-old California native. Depending on what the Blue Jays want to do with Colby Rasmus in the next year or so, Gose could find himself permanently moved to left field, unless the youngster wants to try and throw a ball at Rasmus' face again.

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There's my outfield portion of the organizational all-upside team, which contains three very similar players. Each speedy center fielder is at a different stage of their career, but they all have some pretty serious similarities in their games. If one of these guys puts it together and develops into a polished major league player, I think we would consider it a win. Let us know who would play the outfield positions on your all-upside team below.