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Blue Jays Adventure: 2014 Expansion Pack

We should've known about Jose Reyes going down
We should've known about Jose Reyes going down
Cashew Mirman

Around this time last year, Cashew Mirman released the trailer to "Blue Jays Adventure", an eight-bit video game based on the 2013 season. I loved it at the time, even certifying it as the Greatest Thing Ever. But when I started playing it, things didn't turn out the way they did in the trailer. I tried my best but the Reyes and Lawrie characters died way too early in the game and didn't respawn until much later, and there were so many unrealistic and ridiculous things happening. I mean, Happ getting hit in the face with a ball then hurting his knee? Rasmus dying by friendly fire?  Johnson becoming a completely unplayable character? And man-oh-man the bug making Cabrera immobile was annoying. Oh, and the end boss "Farrell" actually ends up winning the entire game.

Cashew Mirman has just announced the release of a 2014 Expansion Pack to the game. Unfortunately it seems that the developers failed to add any significant pieces to the game despite the poor results from 2013. When I try to play with an improved lineup the game just keeps crashing. There is still some time for them to make upgrades but it is getting awfully close to release date for a game to still have so many gaping holes.