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Alex Anthopoulos: don't expect any player moves

I love baseball stretches....
I love baseball stretches....
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Anthopoulos talked to the media this morning in Dunedin. I guess we shouldn't expect any additions to the team:

"We'd like to do (add a starter) but we're not going to do it at all costs," the general manager said during a 33-minute discussion with media. "As we sit here today I think it's unlikely at this point, we're getting so late into spring training."

He mentioned that they signed Dioner Navarro to a contract that was longer (two years?) than they would have liked, and for more money than they would have liked ($8 million?), but they felt they needed to make a change at catcher and they were willing to go above what they would have liked.

But for pitchers, they won't go above what they think is reasonable.

As well, it looks like he's set with what we have at second base:

The Blue Jays remain interested in upgrading at second base, but free agent Stephen Drew doesn't appear to be in play for them. Rather, Anthopoulos hopes to find a long-term solution.

The name Aledmys Diaz wasn't mentioned, but he would fall under 'long-term solution'. Alex talked about the possibility of trade.

And the 25th man was talked about, it looks like a battle between Moises Sierra and Brent Morel (he's got to be kidding). Or maybe the team will go with an 8 man bullpen (please no).

So, it looks like what we've got is what we are going to see this season.