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Canada-USA hockey game live thread masquerading as a Blue Jays links post

R.A. Dickey chats with Tomo Ohka about throwing the knuckleball.
R.A. Dickey chats with Tomo Ohka about throwing the knuckleball.
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously the bulk of our readership will be focused on the Canada-US men's Olympic ice hockey semifinals game this afternoon, and there really hasn't been huge Blue Jays news, so feel free to use this as a live chat thread for the big hockey game if that's your thing. But between periods, consider taking a look at these recent Jays-related items.

SS Diaz had private workout for Blue Jays -
The Blue Jays might not be close to a deal with him, but according to Shi Davidi, the team has been interested enough in Cuban free agent shortstop Aledmys Diaz to give him a private workout this spring. According to MLB Trade Rumors, other teams interested in Diaz include the Athletics, Yankees, Cardinals, Giants, Braves, Phillies, and Mariners. Diaz is expected to sign soon.

Would the Blue Jays do the R.A. Dickey Deal Again? - The Blue Jay Hunter
Ian wonders whether the Blue Jays would re-do the R.A. Dickey trade, wondering if the Blue Jays had misjudged the abilities of J.P. Arencibia. Be sure to also catch Junior Felix Jr.'s great FanPost, where he wonders if the Marlins trade was a mistake.

Barry Davis of Sportsnet is in Dunedin and reports that Drew Hutchison is looking good:

And Jose Bautista has apparently advanced past the diving Derek Jeter in the awful Face of MLB Twitter game. So more annoying tweets from the Bautista and Blue Jays official accounts for those who have yet to block them.