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Jose Bautista hits two doubles, Jays win again

Your Toronto Blue Jays, from yesterday
Your Toronto Blue Jays, from yesterday
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 7 Phillies 5

Two games, two wins. Have to like that.

Happy thoughts:

  • Two doubles and a walk for Jose Bautista. He's hitting the ball hard right off the start.
  • Moises Sierra hit a ball off the center field fence, about two feet short of a home run. And he looked fast on the bases.
  • Melky Cabrera had a hard hit double. More important, he beat out a throw on a double play chance and tagged up from second to third on a fly ball. He was running pretty good, much better than last year. I wouldn't say fast but at least 2 Molina speed.
  • Brett Lawrie also had a double, hit to the opposite field, to the wall. Very hard hit. He had a single as well.
  • Kenny Wilson singled, looked very fast on the bases and looked good in CF too, not that he has a chance to make the team.
  • Brett Cecil and Dustin McGowan each pitched scoreless innings. Cecil gave up a bunt single but looked good. McGowan got three fly outs, one that was hit hard but Wilson caught it on the track. Jeremy Jeffress gave up an infield single and a walk, but the Phillies couldn't get any hard contact off him.
  • Erik Kratz looked good catching Dickey. He was charged with a passed ball, but I'd have called it a wild pitch, it was well off the plate.
  • Marcus Walden pitched a very nice 9th (of course it was against the Phillies minor leaguers). Two strikeouts and a ground out.

Less happy thoughts:

  • Brett Lawrie made a bad decision and an error. Runner on first, soft grounder to left of third, Brett should have thrown to first but instead tried to force a play at second.
  • R.A. Dickey had a bit of a rought first inning, a single and 2 walks. He wasn't helped by Lawrie's error. Second inning was better, three quick outs after the leadoff single and steal. In all 2 hits, 2 walks, 1 k, 1 unearned run. Knuckleball looked pretty good. Not a bad outing.
  • Esmil Rogers gave up a walk and a homer to start his first ining as a father, but got three quick outs after that. Just needed the wake up.
  • Aaron Loup gave up a home run, but the rest of his inning was clean.
  • Rob Rasmussen had his problems. A leadoff error from Jared Goedert didn't help but he gave up a walk and a hit batter to load the bases. Then Andy LaRoche made an error at first base, hitting the runner going to second. Rasmussen did get out of it, only allowing 1 unearned run, but he didn't impress.
  • 0 for 3 day for Kratz, with a strikeout.
  • Niether Gose or Pillar are impressing me with the bat.

Tomorrow's game is on Sportsnet again. We are to see Mark Buehrle and Brandon Morrow pitch.